Living in Portland has definitely made my style pretty casual. I love to walk around the city so it’s important to be comfortable and still have a cute outfit.

Overall, I would say my style is minimal and tomboy, with a hint of vintage.

Tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Tonya Smith, and I’m a student and fashion blogger based in Portland. I started The Mop Top (I named it after my love for The Beatles and my messy hair) six years ago as just a hobby, and since then, it has grown into my full time job.

What are your main passions?
Blogging, creating, and being true to myself -- all of which are core things I include in my posts (which I want to feel real and relatable).

What’s been some of your greatest challenges and accomplishments so far?
Getting through college has been both one of my greatest challenges, and accomplishments. At times I just wanted to give up, but I’m so glad that I stuck with it. I learned a lot more than I gave credit for.

Do you have any invaluable tips for blogging you can share?
I’ve actually written an entire blog post dedicated to answering these types of questions...check it out here!

What do you mostly shoot with?
I use a Canon 7D or my iPhone! I also love to shoot with local photographers around the city of Portland.

What apps can you not live without?
Without a doubt VSCO, Apple Music and INSTAGRAMMMM.

Where does your inspiration come from?
When I first started my blog I was really inspired by the 60’s and 70’s, and while that is still the source of most of my style inspirations, I’m also inspired by streetwear, comfort and anything cool I find on Pinterest.

Describe your personal style.
My style really depends on my mood and where I’m going, or what I’m doing that day. But overall, I would say it’s minimal and tomboy, with a hint of vintage. Living in Portland has definitely made my style pretty casual. I love to walk around the city so it’s important to be comfortable and still have a cute outfit.

What are your 5 must-haves for this season?
Basket bag, 501 Levis, a pair of converse or vans, a cute shoe such as a low heel pump or strappy sandal, and a floral maxi dress.

Favorite color of the moment?
Green (always) and yellow.

Who are your favorite fashion icons?
Alexa Chung, Emily Oberg, and Courtney Trop.

What’s your dream collaboration?
I would love to work with Reformation! Their pieces are always so good, and I love their environmentally conscious practices.

What’s a typical weekday for you?
I work from home so I always start off with walking my dog and grabbing a coffee, answering emails and posting to instagram. During the day, I might shoot some photos or do a workout, and then watch some crappy reality television show, haha!

What’s your go-to beauty routine?
I love Glossier and Bare Minerals! My all time favorite product is Glossier Priming Moisturizer in Rich.

What are your favorite things to do this time of year?
I love going to the Oregon Coast, or soaking up the sun while hanging by the river. Summer is the best.

What do you love most about your city?
I love everything about Portland (even though the rain can get a bit annoying after awhile). It’s such a creative and inspiring city to live in. There are so many great locals shops and places to eat. It’s impossible to be bored here.

What are 3 things you’d recommend for someone visiting?
1. Prince Coffee for an amazing cup of coffee and a stroopwafel.
2. Pistils or Solabees to get some plant inspiration.
3. Mississppi or Division Street to go walk around.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I used to play the trombone and I can whistle 4 different ways.

What’s on your music list at the moment?
My go-to album right now is Tyler the Creator: Flower Boy. I am also loving the new Calvin Harris album, Washed out and, of course, Drake.

Life mantra?
My dad has always told me to be patient. I tend to get anxious and frustrated if things aren’t working out, but he always tells me that things don’t happen overnight, and to be patient and keep working hard at my dreams.


Steven Londe
The casual look is great for Portland. I have a friend who has been in Portland for a long time. I lived there for over 6 years and loved it. I tutored Math at the colleges. I think you look great. Have fun!
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Shelly Stuckman
I love her style! Wonderful interview :)
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I like this Portland girl. Her style is simple but attracted everyone when see it.
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John Wilson
I like these dresses, and I bought them on Selerit. Love this Portland girl.
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