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October 22, 2017 · 2

Jo Haughton -  - Dance

You know it may be a silly joke, one that’s been taken too far on Grey’s Anatomy, but it works: dancing it out. I’ve watched the show from the start – Christina Yang was my soul sister – but that dancing it out trope has gone on through the years. And yeah, there are moments where things really suck, but I’ve found that dancing it out helps. Whether you go out dancing, or just jam around in the living room. It helps you work through things – all things, not just negative things. Joy, love, sorrow, anger – it helps to dance and move. Just give that energy an outlet, somewhere to go. Somewhere to be released. Because there’s not always an answer or a solution – God knows, they do it on the show when someone has died and there’s definitely no answer there – but it gets it out and let’s you get to the next day. And that’s really all there is – today and then the next.

Eckhart Tolle says nothing happens in the future. It all happens in the now. If you think something will happen in the future, when you get there it’ll be the now, so things only happen now. Hence, when there’s all that emotional energy sometimes there’s no solution, or at least not now, so dance. Dance it out. Then breathe. And be now.

Okay that was preachy. I’m done. I’m gonna go dance.

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Trzy Hoo
Smashing fabulous vibe !
You look brilliant
Cool ideas about dancing and about now and future
Jo Haughton
Thanks. I find it helps me keep perspective :)
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