So, what's your heritage?

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Veronique Mystique

Veronique M.

United States

310 posts

what's your heritage? where's your family from? where'd your name (first and last) come from? Why do you look the way you do? do tell.

I'm Belgian (Flemish) American, by that I mean my father is from Belgium and half my family lives there..

my mom is a typical American mutt, but from english and french backgrounds generations ago.

my name, Veronique Allaer, is from my Flemish blood, and no one in America can pronounce it correctly.

hmmm oh and I have very light blonde hair, which is common in northern europe.

uhh yeah. your turn.

12 years ago

Zach Herrmann

Zach H.

United States

160 posts

Primarily German with a bit of Swedish, French, and English splashed in there somewhere.

0 · April 10, 2011

Rachael A

Rachael A.

United States

46 posts

My fathers family is very much of Irish heritage with the exception of his father who is from Greece while my mothers background is German (sprinkled with a few other things but not of enough importance to be listed). Though my mom is American she did actually live in Germany for a number of years when she was younger as well as Portugal.

Great American Melting pot eh?

0 · April 25, 2011

Emilia J

Emilia J.


63 posts

Great great grandparents were from China, I was born in Taiwan, both my parents were born in Taiwan, and we live in Canada. I don't have any other blood, as far as I know. :)

0 · April 25, 2011

Lula S.

Lula S.


73 posts

i was born in texas but my great grandfather is from england and my mom was born in france and moved to spain from a young age and my dad is mexican. it's complicated.
so french, american, spanish, and english and mexican.

0 · April 25, 2011


D M.

United States

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My sister's been doing my family tree this month. We can actually trace my direct line to 1010 England- we have a town named after us in England apparently. But on another branch of my family we're Warners, which dates back as far if not further. There are a lot of Quakers in the Warner line and a lot of famous Warners like George Washington whose grandmother was a Warner. On my father's side of the family it's a lot more difficult to track because we're Russian on that side of the family. The family originated in France, migrated to Germany and then later to Russia for about 100 years before coming to America. We're Jewish on that line of the family which is why we moved around so much.

0 · April 26, 2011

Mal S

Mal S.

United States

664 posts

I'm German and Slovenian, mostly.

0 · April 27, 2011

Flora Crestanello

Flora C.


113 posts

all my grandparents where from different countries , but i think i got lucky getting the best of them (it could be a disaster lol ) i have france ,and a country that doesnt exist anymore in one side, and Italy and Siria in the other side , i guess thats why my eyes are ridiculously big, luckily my nose is small so im glad, my name its completely Italian though, Florencia which is a city in Italy and Crestanello, my last name, personality wise im very italian though, and i like it XD although i NEVER raise my voice (which is a very italian thing to do)

0 · April 27, 2011

Tessa S

Tessa S.


193 posts

My mother's family is from France, my ancestors's name was Radix de Chevillon. They were templars, who fleed to the Netherlands during the revolution, and now the familyname is just Radix. There's still a castle of them in the town Chevillon.

My father's family is from north-Germany, with frisian roots, but that's all I know of it.

My mother's family also look very french, all kind of short people with dark hair. Me too :P

0 · April 27, 2011

Larissa Blintz

Larissa B.

United States

93 posts

I'm Colombian. My Dad is Caucasian and my mother is fully Colombian. My first name is Greek (Larissa) and my last name is my Dad's (Blintz). I have brown hair and hazel eyes err I dunno why haha

0 · April 27, 2011

M Island

M I.


6 posts

I am German/Swedish. My grandparents were jews that came here during the holocaust. My first name is Moa, which is a very Swedish name (if there are names like that, i dunno, haven't met anyone outside sweden who can pronounce it correctly). My middlename is Rebecca, which is a hebrew name to honour my jewish heritage. My last name is taken, so it has nothing to do with my heritage, lol

0 · April 27, 2011



United Kingdom

5720 posts

jewish and iraqi both sides all the way through. grandfather changed the surname from lowly arabic name to generic jewish one to blend in. nothing that interesting. we all range in colouring and height in the wider family though, we suspect a crusader influence from way back

0 · November 2, 2014



United States

17 posts

I'm very, very American. No other part of my heritage matters.

I do know that I'm distantly connected to Scotland, Ireland, and England (possibly the rest of UK as well?) on my mom's side. But those ancestors have been in the USA since the early 20th century, so I don't really consider myself Scottish, Irish, etc. However, I would love to visit those places one day.

On my father's side, I'm not so sure. I like to think I have Scandinavian ancestry since my last name is common in Sweden and Denmark.

0 · June 25, 2017



United States

16 posts

Mother is a lovely Persian lady from Iran. Daddy was of Serbian descent but born in the South and very much a hillbilly.

0 · October 29, 2017

Serena Toxicat

Serena T.

United States

20 posts

Ashkenazi and French

0 · November 7, 2017

Ghada Morjan

Ghada M.

United Arab Emirates

34 posts

Born Tunisian with Turkish and Italian roots from my mother's side not quite sure about father's side. My first name is Ghada which translates to Graceful in Arabic.

0 · November 22, 2017


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