I want to start a fashion blog what blogging site should I use?

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Amethyst .

Amethyst ..

United States

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I've noticed that a lot of you guys have fashion blogs and it has inspired me to create my own but I can't decide what blogging site to use HELP!

almost 12 years ago

Claire Foley

Claire F.

United States

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well, i use blogger and it's kind of subpar as to what you can do with it, unless you happen to be awesome at using html (which sadly i am not).

i've visited a couple wordpress sites that i really liked.

0 · January 7, 2010

Chloe A

Chloe A.

United States

3839 posts

I use blogspot, I really like it. Organized, convenient, easy to use. I do not like wordpress at all, unless you have a domain & know HTML/CSS/etc. (which I do, but it's way too much work for just a blog when you can get the same effect with blogspot).

Tumblr is fine if you just want to post millions of photos, but if you want to write along with it, then I'd for sure go with Blogspot/Blogger

0 · January 7, 2010


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