How do people in your city dress? Are you out of the norm where you live?

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Brandon Reiersen

Brandon R.


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I just thought I would post to see what you guys think about the cities you live in. Are you a unique dresser? Are most people into personal style? Or do they just wear a hollister hoodie and cargo shorts around?

I want to hear about what the average people around you are like, and how it affects your personal style. Do people think you're too into fashion? Do they think things that the lookbook community would find really cool as weird? Have you been ahead of the style, and called dorky or out of style?? haha

I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, and currently live in Oklahoma City. There are people here that dress really unique. What I like about it is that people aren't into spending too much on clothes, or major labels, but I don't like how there are SOO many people that don't even have a taste in personal style. I think being too materialistic isn't a good thing, but for people to not even try to look decent half the time is another thing.
Actually, with Oklahoma, its not that people don't look nice, we're just not ahead of the times.

Heck, I spent a summer in Tokyo, so believe me, I know its not all like this! O__O

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Brody Boggs

Brody B.

United States

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I live in a small town in Kentucky and basically everyone at my school is a redneck that wears Aeropostle, Hollister, and a lot of camo. I stand out a lot from my friends since I don't shop where they shop. I have to get most of my clothes offline because the only clothing store I like at my mall is Pacsun and I rarely even buy anything there. I do get teased a lot for what I wear at school. But when I do, I pretty much look at what they're wearing and think to myself that I am more hot than they are so it really doesn't bother me.

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United Kingdom

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london is the best. everyone can war everything and anything and will barely be stared out

0 · March 31, 2014

Victoria-Rose Hillary

Victoria-Rose H.

United States

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i am extremely out of the norm, last year I cut off my hair and everyone thought i was weird, but then months later everyone started to cut their hair

0 · April 6, 2014


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