What do you think of the East Asian blepharoplasty?

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Jennie K

Jennie K.

United States

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For those of you who do not know what I'm talking about, it's basically the "eyelid surgery". I'm sure all the Asian LBers at least have some clue what I'm talking about, or have heard of the surgery before done on celebrities or family members or just plain old random people, or even have had the surgery done on themselves.

Well, for those of you who don't, let me enlighten you with what East Asian blepharoplasty exactly is:

Unlike the vast majorities of the human race, roughly about half of the Asians in the world (I think) have no double eyelids. Through this "double eyelid" surgery, a crease will essentially be made on your eyelid, causing for bigger, more "Western" eyes.

The surgery is so common in East Asian countries - everyone gets it, from students as young as fourteen to celebrities that have aged considerably. In Korea (not sure about other places), surgeons also offer varying degrees of "permanence" - the original method, which basically involves making stitches on your eyelid, last for a long time. Some of the other methods are permanent as well, but need touch-ups every five or so years (kind of like tattoos).

Still confused? This is what a Korean woman looks like, before (Top) and after (Bottom) the surgery:

I'm asking about your opinion on this because I am thinking of getting it. My uncle is a cosmetic surgeon in Korea, and he has offered to perform the surgery on me, free of charge, when I go after high school graduation summer of 2011. Few friends of mine have already gotten this surgery done - one of them has gotten it done before high school even started.

I think that it's wrong to mess with what I've been given. There are so many people in the world that are blind and cannot see, or have other eye-related malfunctions. This surgery is also a form of cosmetic surgery, and I don't want to live with the stigma that I've gotten something done because I don't feel good about myself.

But honestly, I hate my eyes sometimes. They're so impossibly almond, and tiny, and so...Asian. And when I put eyeliner, mascara, and other eye cosmetics, and I laugh once or twice or whatever, it smears and makes me look like a drunk raccoon.

And the fact that my uncle is offering this to me FOR FREE? I can't just pass it up like I would pass up other things, you know?

And for those of who don't know what my eyes look like: (as a side note, feel free to hype or comment that look or any of my other looks Lol :] just kidding)

So help me. And explain why you think I should or shouldn't get it. Kudos if you're Asian because you'd probably have a better idea where I'm coming from.

almost 12 years ago

Karissa M.

Karissa M.


120 posts

well, in my opinion, it has the same status as getting a boob job in north america. People over here are like, what? why would anyone want to do that? but on the other hand, there are also north americans who want surgeries like boob jobs, and people ask the exact same question. believe it or not, plastic surgery is pretty big in certain places in asia, like japan and korea, but the surgeries aren't as drastic as the ones over here. when people in asia get it, which in most cases, they're celebrities, they just get minor tweaks. people there don't give as much of a big deal about it as they do in north america, mainly because they're minor and that the procedures are really common. that's what i think.

0 · February 2, 2010


A Z.


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I think that people are allowed to do whatever the hell they want with their own body.

0 · February 3, 2010

Mecenzi Jones

Mecenzi J.

United States

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well i mean i see the point that people can do whatever they want to their own body.
but why try and be something your not.
regardless why do you care?
if someone wants to look western let then do that
if someone wants five dicks
none of your business.

0 · February 3, 2010




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If you're comfortable with the idea of going to such measures to have the double eyelids I think it's fine. However, if you're doing it just for the heck of it, think about how your time/money could be spent on other things that might make you happier.

0 · February 3, 2010

Cindy H

Cindy H.

United States

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Honestly, whatever floats their boats.
And most people think it's to look more westernized,
but that's not true (at least for all, might be true for some, who knows).
This surgery is like boob implants, some people do it because they feel it'll make them look better.

Even westerners want bigger eyes or at least the illusion of bigger eyes, it's not just only Asians.
Mascara, some eye make-up techniques, etc.

0 · February 3, 2010

Jackie Y

Jackie Y.

United States

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I have nothing against double eyelid surgery. Get it if you want. But I know a Korean girl with mono lids, and she is sooo freaking pretty.

LOL and wtf.. Asians don't have an inferiority complex to westerners.. I saw some people said that. The skin whitening has nothing to do with whites.. pale skin was considered beautiful in Asia even before they knew about white people.. plus there are Asians with paler skin than whites..
And the bigger eyes.. everyone wants bigger eyes.. it's not because Asians want to look white O__O
Sorry but it pisses me off when people say things like that.

0 · February 7, 2010

Lady sofia *

Lady sofia *.

United States

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i am a single lid- er and do understand but I don't support the surgery. Why would do that? Asian eyes are unique, I think. It can be very beautiful at times. :)

0 · March 9, 2010

Nicole Sarah

Nicole S.


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Personally, I wouldn't. Your looks are what make you beautiful & unique.
However, if it would make you happy, then go for it. I can't really judge whether it would really benefit you in the end, so really, it's up to you. My personal opinion, though, is that I wouldn't.

I find it interesting, though.

0 · March 9, 2010

Johanna Jensen

Johanna J.


241 posts

We all do things to look prettier. The "Asians are trying to look European" argument is something I really disagree with.
I mean European women don't tan to look african or straighten their hair to look stereotypically asian.

Let people do what they want as long as they are making an informed choice.

0 · March 10, 2010

Camille Sioco

Camille S.


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This is also popular in China and Thailand too!
I know a few people who use Eye-lid Glue almost everyday to get the same effect and if it only costs $3000 to get the procedure done for it to become permanent why not?
I read that people go through the "cheap" route and they create a scar on their eyelid with a Pin (like a safety pin) or a Sewing Needle and they achieve the same results. - VERY DANGEROUS.
My friend got hers done, she said it didn't hurt and that it took around 3 weeks to heal. Her eyes still look Asian, not even close to a European person's eyes at all. The only difference is that she has a crease.
I say, if you want to do it, go ahead and do it OR you can use Eye-lid Glue first and see what you'd look like and go from there :)

0 · March 11, 2010

Georgie N

Georgie N.

United Kingdom

129 posts

@Johanna J.

Agreed 100%

The surgery doesn't make the eyes more European anyway. It just makes them wider.

0 · March 19, 2010

Jim Cooper

Jim Cooper


1 posts

But I don't think there is something to be shame If after a treatment whether it is surgery you look beautiful than whats wrong in this.

0 · February 28, 2015


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