Thrift shop, yes or no? sticky

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Grysh Co

Grysh C.


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Do you guys buy clothes from Thrift shops?

Edit>> But doesn't thrift shop smell or anything? Just curious. If you said yes below ^^

almost 13 years ago

Kyris Kat

Kyris K.

United States

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So many of the things I have worn are from thrift stores/second hand.
It's one of the ways to get some really unique stuff you just might have to try several times.

And about smell/condition... well your able to check the item for any damage or odors... so thats not much of an issue. And you can always try to clean it at home just in case (which I think is a good idea).

1 · December 14, 2016

Polly Alba

Polly A.


38 posts

I'd say yes, because of several factors (having the possibility to stop giving money to fast fashion and having a much more original choice).. but I only wish it could be like in the US, here in Germany things cost way too much for what they actually are :( I still buy thrifted sometimes though! haha

0 · December 15, 2016

Trevor W

Trevor W.


71 posts

Hell yes, they always got good stuff if you take time and look around, you'll never know what you'll find, but never get it because its cheap low price, get it because you really like it, or else you'll be spending bucks lol, happy thrift shopping!

1 · December 22, 2016

Ciara Kelley

Ciara K.

United States

2 posts

If you view my lookbook, all of my clothes are thrifted.

0 · December 24, 2016

Thomas G

Thomas G.

United States

42 posts

A definite, yes! One man or woman's junk is another ones treasure. Thrift normal has that treasure.

0 · June 25, 2017

Eva Hazen

Eva H.


15 posts

Of course! There's always unique treasures to be found. I found a really cool vintage Marlboro jacket from one that you couldn't have found anywhere else.

0 · July 3, 2017

Ana Geraldo

Ana G.


6 posts

YES!!!! I totally agree with Eva H.

0 · July 18, 2017

Susanna L.

Susanna L.

United States

1 posts

@Grysh C.

lol.. most stores will steam clean the items before putting them out for sale.. and also, you can just take the clothes home and wash them yourself. thrifting is so much better than shopping at name brand stores. you are bound to have a more original look, and you are helping the environment by decreasing pollution and child labor. i will never by my clothes from anywhere but a thrift store these days, as much as i can absolutely help it. <3

0 · July 22, 2017




5 posts

@Ana G.

Me too, I found something special in a thrift shop once and I love it lol

0 · August 22, 2017

Masha Nevalenaya

Masha N.


27 posts

I think the answer is Yes, there you can find unique things)but sometimes you can buy nice things, not expensive, and sometimes even in online stores. here's an example here

0 · October 16, 2017



United Kingdom

5720 posts

@Masha N.

every post of yours is an advert for this site link. are you spamming?

0 · October 19, 2017

Masha Nevalenaya

Masha N.


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No, it's just my favorite website! Here's a really cool service you can try too . Never lied to me)This is how to recommend your favorite band or something like that, sorry

0 · October 20, 2017



United Kingdom

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@Masha N.

ok. but i'd love to see a comment from you without the link. it's so nice to see people replying on the forums again, it's been dead here for so long

0 · October 21, 2017

Enchantress Co

Enchantress C.

PASADENA, CA. 91103,
United States

29 posts

I'd say yes,

0 · December 26, 2017




4 posts

I'd say a big yes to that. you can find really lovely things there.
you really don't have to shop expensive in order to look good.
so once again, a thrift shop is a yes for me

0 · October 31, 2018

Ami Amour

Ami A.

United States

7 posts

Yes, I have found some amazing treasures at thrift shops for affordable prices. It takes a lot of time to sift through everything, but it is worth it!

0 · December 27, 2018



United States

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0 · January 17, 2020


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