Motion Graphics in Post Production

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We have already wrote in an article that what exactly post-production itself consists of and promised to tell us more about visual effects. Firstly, because until you collect the maximum amount of information, you will not be able to calculate how much the commercial is. Secondly, it is not important to make video content for what purpose you have to.

The basics are traditionally necessary to know and keep in mind whether it is an advertisement on the construction market, or an advertisement of a developer, created as a video redleos(.)com/usa/video-production-company-california-usa/ for business development, or social advertising.

What is the difference between SFX and VFX

It will be important here to clarify that special effects are not visual effects (VFX). Special effects (SFX) are made on the set itself. For example, natural phenomena, such as snow, rain, or pyrotechnic effects and all kinds of stunt tricks can be created during the shooting. Everything that happens and is being finalized at the post-production stage is called VFX. To get a realistic bottom line, you need to plan your SFX and VFX bundles correctly.

What is VFX for?

Let's do this: at the moment, no video project can do without VFX. We are not talking about the fact that you need to completely draw Alice's world from her wonderland. It’s just that any video that was shot on the site, in any case, needs subsequent cutting. Logos of third-party companies, signs of aging actors, and an interior that turned out to be unnecessary are removed from the frame. According to this principle, for example, all cables that were added during a person’s flights to the ground are removed from the frame. This is done by post-production.

Cases when graphics are precisely applied:

Thanks to the schedule, shooting will be cheaper
If you do not apply the schedule, then there is a big risk that actors may suffer.
To remove what can be drawn is impossible in real life.

Types of graphics

All visual effects should be divided into three areas of work:

- Compositing


- Motion Graphics

Compositing - connecting video with additional elements. Work with chromakey, the ability to clean items, add others. This is something like Photoshop, but a lot more difficult.

So, we have figured out what SFX (special effects) is all about. What is shot at the site, after VFX (visual effects) gives the output a high-quality result.

What distinguishes VFX is the outcome only at the post-production stage. VFX consists of CGI and SFX.

Not confused yet? Then move on!

CGI is a picture that is made on a computer. There are no separate distinctions. We are talking about all the objects or images that were made on the computer: characters, 3D-objects, rendering decorations, locations.

That is, you can create any explosion yourself in reality and shoot it (SFX), or you can replace it with graphics created on a computer (CGI). After this, use the installation process (VFX). That is, during post-production.

If we talk about Motion Graphics, that is, about animation graphics, design, then this is perhaps the simplest graphics that are used to implement ideas in the clip.

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