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Per Holm

Per H.


972 posts

What was your latest purchase? What did it cost? Pictures are very welcome, but not a must.

I just bought 3 American Apparel basic tees, I needed some. Black, heather black and white =) 50$ incl. delivery rates.

almost 13 years ago

Ellie Evelyn Orrell

Ellie Evelyn O.

United Kingdom

2 posts

weekday recycled cotton top with flare sleeves, now resisting buying it in every colour.

1 · June 6, 2017

Lelayne J.

Lelayne J.

United States

2 posts

I've bought this morning 3 sweaters from &other stories. Trying to prepare for fall in summer while there are still decent discounts from the last season.

1 · July 23, 2017

Caitriona Lui

Caitriona L.


10 posts

Hello, Guys. Last time I have purchased a dress and for this, I also bought one Sterling Silver Ring from with great offer price. Really I like that very much and also it provides top rated unique designed sterling silver jewelry. Thanks.

1 · August 15, 2017

Olivia W.

Olivia W.

United States

2 posts

Just don't laugh.
Bought this apron yesterday from

1 · August 18, 2017

Shanaz AL

Shanaz A.


9 posts

hi lovely people..i just bought a basic midi black dress and some strapless bra to wear with strappy tops! Can't wait to style the dress for you know the OOTD post. Lol. ok byeee <3

1 · August 18, 2017

Sharon Boucquez

Sharon B.


3 posts

I bought this bikini today from Hunkemöller for only 16.50 euro's!!

foto van Sharon Boucquez.

1 · August 24, 2017

Taylor Moore

Taylor M.

United States

3 posts

I've been going crazy at Perfume River

Seems to be mostly The Reformation, For Love & Lemons, Free People knock-offs, which is fine with me

1 · August 24, 2017

Thomas G

Thomas G.

United States

42 posts

A Short Brim Trilby Geometric Fedora ❤

1 · August 26, 2017

Masha Nevalenaya

Masha N.


27 posts

I recently bought a wonderful backpack on this site . This is now my life hack! Now all my orders from there. good luck shopping, friends!

0 · October 11, 2017



United Kingdom

5720 posts

a haul off yesstyle. a couple of knitted dresses in teal and grey plus some perfumes, a pair of bootcut jeans and a little red riding hood coat

0 · October 29, 2017




24 posts

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0 · November 5, 2017




24 posts

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0 · November 5, 2017




24 posts

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0 · November 5, 2017



United Kingdom

5720 posts

a long grey dress from missguided

0 · January 13, 2018

Philippa M.

Philippa M.

United Kingdom

77 posts

A couple of basic tees from Reserved... just wish they would arrive already!!

0 · January 28, 2018

Enchantress Co

Enchantress C.

PASADENA, CA. 91103,
United States

29 posts

A chan lu cashmere scarf

0 · February 14, 2018



United States

4 posts

Bought this gorgeous minimalist necklace

1 · March 1, 2018

Bella Parker

Bella P.

United States

2 posts

My latest purchase is a custom-made Leather Handbag from Pop Bag USA. They offer personalized tote bags with ultimate design power with four customizable components like a front, back, strap, and interior pouch. I really like the quality of leather, it will go a long way.


0 · July 27, 2018



United States

2 posts

I recently bought a great Floral Strip Print Slash Neck Maxi Dress

0 · August 20, 2018

Mariah M

Mariah M.

United States

4 posts

i recently got some fall ankle boots called the chelsea boot, & loving them :)

0 · October 11, 2018

Yoshiloli Loli

Yoshiloli L.

United States

5 posts

I recently bought a pair of handmade slippers, are super cool and comfortable, it is also very cheap! I will left the link here for you to see:

0 · July 10, 2019

Loyolla, Hanna

Loyolla, H.


0 posts

I recently got a Tommy Hilfiger bag

0 · August 23, 2019

John Wilson

John Wilson

United States

4 posts

I recently bought a solid euro coat that cost $32.84.I think it's a good deal.
This is the website:

0 · October 23, 2019

Susan Lim

Susan L.


5 posts

my latest purchase was from Uniqlo. Totally love their cloth materials.

0 · September 15, 2021


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