Curvy Girls?

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Retsy Claire

Retsy C.

United States

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Any other curvy girls on lookbook? I'd like to see some stylish ladies with real curves! Mostly just to feel better about myself, but you know how it is. I'm feeling kinda lonely in the curvy department!

over 11 years ago

Katie Lou S

Katie Lou S.


9 posts

yes, i would say i'm curvy :)
All in all i like my body, except when I'm trying to find new blouses

0 · November 9, 2011

Coco Kailee

Coco K.

United States

12 posts

Don't feel lonely! We've got your back, Miss Retsy!

I'm a US 12/14 and a proud plus size model :}

0 · November 9, 2011

Pandora .

Pandora ..


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@Coco K.

You look perfect! The word "plus size model" makes me feel rather fat than curvy. Especially when plus size models like you look like I would see myself thin.

So in reply to the topic, I feel like I'm more fat than curvy, compared to good-looking plus size models.

0 · November 15, 2011

Becky Bedbug

Becky B.

United Kingdom

1075 posts

I'm curvy and chubby.

I don't mind the curves at all. They're natural and even at my smallest I had the same basic hourglass shape.

I just wish I could get all the padding to drop off!

0 · November 15, 2011

Coco Kailee

Coco K.

United States

12 posts

@Pandora ..

I think its really unfair to yourself to compare your body with someone else's, because not every body is the same and not everyone carries their weight the same, even in plus sizes.

Plus sizes can come in all different shapes and sizes, from athletic to pear-shaped to apple-shaped to hourglass and so on... Likewise, plus size doesn't mean "fat". By definition, the word "fat" is used to describe an obese person, which you absolutely are not, Pandora.

"fat   [fat] adjective
1. having too much flabby tissue; corpulent; obese: a fat person."

So I think its crazy that you would call yourself 'fat'. In fact, from your photos I can see you are built quite a lot like some of the other "good-looking plus size models" that I work with at the agency. They're not 'fat' and neither are you. You're nowhere near it. You have a very beautiful, curvy body.

Just because I may look thin to you, doesn't make me 'perfect' (being a certain size doesn't dictate perfection or beauty), nor does it mean that I don't feel self-concious or have insecurities of my own. I'm a size 12, sometimes a 14. I shop in the plus size section. My measurements are 40D-34-41.5 and I'm happy with that.

Instead of comparing ourselves to others and saying that we're too fat or too skinny, we, as young women, should instead be supporting each other and empowering one another and celebrating the fact that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, not just one or the other.

0 · November 16, 2011

Pandora .

Pandora ..


131 posts

@Pandora ..

I never said "plus size" labels overweight. That's why I think the word itself is wrong, but that's just my opinion.

Plus I tend to look taller on photos, in fact I'm just 5''1', that's why it's hard to compare sizes. You e.g. must be way taller.

But you're right, we all should support each other. Though I know I've got a little complex myself, it's not like I'm fishing for compliments, I've got such depressive days, obviously the day I posted was one of these. On other days I feel okay about my body.
Otherwise I guess it's in our nature to compare. Which isn't a good thing, but it's human. At least, I guess the most important thing is staying healthy. It's hard to fight against your own body-type. One should learn to feel alright with that. I still have to learn to deal with this and my low self-esteem. Also I'm sure I'm not the only one with that problem.

Whu, that was a therapeutic reply :D

0 · November 16, 2011

Coco Kailee

Coco K.

United States

12 posts

@Pandora ..

I know you didn't say plus size means overweight. I just meant that many people assume that being plus-size makes someone unhealthy or lazy or "fat". They forget that some people have a naturally large body type/shape, y'know? Some of us are at our healthiest at a size 4, while others are healthiest at a size 14, but no one should force their body to be what its not naturally meant to be.

Sure, I could do an extreme diet and weight-loss regiment, lose 35-45lbs and get down to a size 6, but that wouldn't be realistic or healthy for my body. Instead, I've accepted that I'm a beautiful size 12 (144 lbs.) and that I can still be happy and healthy with who I am at my current weight. That's all that matters in the end anyway - that you are happy with yourself.

No one ever believes me when I tell them I'm a plus-size model. I'm very tall and I carry my weight very differently. I think it sucks that people always seem to associate "plus size models" with overweight or BBW. Which, there's nothing wrong with that if you are, but...people also need to realize that not every person who is or wears plus sizes is overweight or "fat" or whatever, y'know? Just like not every thin person is starving themselves or has an eating disorder. Sometimes they're just naturally built that way!

We do need to support each other more though. Negative body image is very much at large in our society, and more and more people hate themselves and the way that they look, because they feel they don't conform to what the fashion industry and media tells us is beautiful. (That's why I work with, which is a great community that is trying to help change the way people think about their bodies and their health.)

We shouldn't focus on trying to be the skinniest or getting to the smallest size to look like someone else... We should try to be the happiest, healthiest versions of OURSELVES that we can be instead!

You're definitely not alone in your insecurities, but you shouldn't bottle them up either. That's how negative body image spreads, and how eating disorders can develop. Talk to someone about how you feel or focus that negative energy into something positive! But always remember that you are beautiful no matter what, even if the magazines or billboards try to tell you differently.

Never lose what makes you, you; never lose your sparkle! :}

0 · November 16, 2011

Euridiki Damoulianou

Euridiki D.


158 posts

i am really fed-up with this issue...

since i was in high school , i was never able to keep a stable weight....i have lost and gained 10

pounds more than 10 times of my life....i really love food ...on the other side i really love thin or average bodies .....
it is a dramatic situation ...believe me guys :p

0 · November 16, 2011

Elle Elle

Elle E.


648 posts

@Pandora ..

Cheer up Pandora :D We all get like that sometimes.

0 · November 17, 2011

Megan McMinn

Megan M.

United Kingdom

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After years of people telling me they envied my curves, it's finally clicked that I should be proud of my body. Since my preteens I beat myself up about the fact that I was one of the larger women in my family; I've never been 'fat', but compared to my mother who was a fashion model in her youth I felt stocky.

I now have a far more harmonious relationship with my body. According to my doctor my weight is spot-on for my height, and while my large chest does sometimes limit what I can wear I wouldn't change it for the world. I like that I have hips and a waist - gone are the days where I longed after a boyish frame like the other women in my family. They're all beautiful, but I love having real curves.

Not to mention, I love food. I used to constantly diet in an attempt to slim myself down, but at the end of the day life is too short. Limiting what I ate made me miserable; I'm so happy now that I can eat what I want and still rock the body I'm blessed with.

0 · November 22, 2011

Nicole Csm

Nicole C.

Hong Kong

2 posts

i guess im one of the curvy girls
but i js cnt keep seeing this as negative
i think im fat maybe cus girls around are so fit even skinny

0 · November 23, 2011

Josi Martinez

Josi M.


1 posts

It's so hard to find some curvy looks here. I need some advice. I'll try to post some looks. I have hourglass body shape and every look I see are for skinny girls :/

0 · November 23, 2011

Kirstine Eibye Elgaard Christiansen

Kirstine Eibye E.


299 posts

Baby, you're not alone.

0 · November 23, 2011

Charlotte Lucy

Charlotte L.

United Kingdom

317 posts

Im fat rather than curvy at the moment but when i lose the weight id say ill still be curvy cause my waist is wayyy smaller than my hips!!

0 · November 23, 2011

Magnet S

Magnet S.


111 posts

@Megan M.

This is off topic but I just wanted to say that your hair is BEAUTIFUL and you are quite stunning yourself. I can't believe you felt 'stocky' you look tiny.

Anyway, haha at this post. I knew it would bring up all kinds of crazy talk. According to my boyfriend I have 'amazing curves' but I have a feeling he's just blinded by love. I've hated my body for about 10 years. That's a different topic though.

So um, curvy. I think pretty much every single woman has some sort of curved area of her body so I guess we're all curvy in one way or another and there's no such thing as a 'real woman'. If you're a lady, you're a freaking lady! Extremely skinny or fat, if you are a woman than that's as real as it's going to get.

I think everyone should just aim to be whatever is healthiest for each individual. We should try to accept our bodies the way they are, as hard as that may be for some people. Myself, included.

At the end of the day as long as you're healthy, you should feel somewhat grateful. If something threatened your health, the way your body looked would probably be the last thing on your mind. I've had a few health scares so I'm trying to tell myself that when I feel crap about the way I look.

0 · November 23, 2011

Vikky Cortez

Vikky C.

United States

4 posts

I would say I am definitely curvy. I like to see what other curvy girls wear; it gives me ideas for my own style.

0 · November 26, 2011

Jam Alagar

Jam A.

United States

2 posts

hype me
I'm soo not a size 0 but hey i love my curves! join the movement<3

much love, jam

0 · November 26, 2011

Kris10na Abiog

Kris10na A.


2 posts

I'm curvy too and I certainly don't mind being a plus size. I think it doesn't really matter what size are we in what matter is how we all feel towards ourselves. I know some people that are way too skinny even size zero but still they are not happy. It's all about accepting ourselves and being comfortable with our own skin.

0 · November 26, 2011

A.Megane M.A.

A.Megane M.

United Kingdom

13 posts

Girls, most of you (including you Retsy) are nowhere near curvy... sorry to break the news.

1 · December 27, 2011

Johanna De

Johanna D.


51 posts

You all have a totally beautiful figure!
Often i find curves more feminine-I myself do not like some of my problem areas, but I would never want to trade places with someone very thin.

Sometimes people say very nasty things about my figure but i try to ignore it.

0 · December 27, 2011

Tayi Ashley Tibble

Tayi Ashley T.

New Zealand

82 posts

@Nikita E.

Me too almost 40-28-38

0 · January 2, 2012

Nikita E.

Nikita E.

United States

21 posts

@Tayi Ashley T.

hahhahaaha go us!

0 · January 2, 2012

Kirstine Eibye Elgaard Christiansen

Kirstine Eibye E.


299 posts

I haven't posted anything yet, but when I do, I'll be one of the curvy girls (: So you're not alone guurl!

0 · January 11, 2012

Tera Vera

Tera V.

United States

20 posts

i'm more than curvy. i've gained weight and i can't be proud of it; i never feel beautiful. i'm 5'4" and 135 pounds... how can i love myself ):

0 · January 12, 2012

Rachie N

Rachie N.

United States

185 posts

Ever since I moved in with my boyfriend, I gained some "comfort weight." Haha.

I've always been very curvy. Now I'm just a little more curvy than before, I guess.

0 · January 12, 2012




25 posts

I would consider myself curvy, and people tell me I am. I'm quite slim, but my thighs and butt are quite large compared to the rest of my body. I would say i'm somewhere between an hourglass shape and a pear shape. To be honest.. I love my curves. Clothes look so much better if you have some curves. Don't be ashamed of your curves, they're beautiful :)

0 · January 22, 2012

Erin K

Erin K.


317 posts

Depends on how you define curvy... I think I have nice curves... But not mega curvy! :)

0 · January 23, 2012

Mo Mo

Mo M.


280 posts

I have big hips and a big ass, if that's what you're asking.

0 · February 7, 2012

Alexandra Lazar

Alexandra L.


63 posts

I think that could be me <3 Look my big thighs up :)

0 · February 8, 2012

Kathleen L

Kathleen L.

United States

9 posts

I'm a size 10/12 ! I'm proud though, even if I'm trying to lose weight,
My size doesn't define who I am.
Beauty can be found within regardless of size.
Even with my size I still receive several compliments on my style = plus for me.
My confidence is not lower than a girl who is a size 4 & receives a million compliments.

0 · February 8, 2012

Lindsay S

Lindsay S.

United States

5 posts

I would say I'm curvy :)

0 · September 6, 2012

Danniella Crosswire

Danniella C.

United Kingdom

79 posts

i don't if you would call me curvy ahhha

0 · September 6, 2012

Melissa Wimble

Melissa W.

United States

45 posts

I would certainly say I am curvy ;D

0 · September 15, 2012

Ine Geek

Ine G.


154 posts

I have a classic hourglass shape and sure, sometimes I curse my figure when I see all those skinny jeans I can't wear, or the bodycon dresses that show off every love handle. I had a moment the other day when I posted a pic of a dress that I thought looked gorgeous on me, but when I saw the picture I couldn't believe how big my belly and hips looked.

Decided it must have been the angle of the pic :P because after all's said and done, I love my body, and always have. Never dieted, never felt the pressure to look like all the skinny girls (knew I couldn't even if I tried, not with these hips!).

I love this thread, I'm glad there's more girls out there who embrace their curves.

0 · October 4, 2012

Sarah Grace Briggs

Sarah Grace B.

United States

2 posts

so glad theres a thread like this. I'd definitely consider myself curvy, I've always been that way. I used to hate it but I've learned to love my body. I think everyone is beautiful in their own special way.

0 · February 14, 2013

Ellie C

Ellie C.

United Kingdom

660 posts

I'm always confused when it comes to my body. I can be quite slim at times, however I always feel fat and look fat in pictures, even though I'm only a dress size 10. I have a very rounded, quite chubby face, which I think can be quite decieving and make me look larger than I am.
Personally, I love larger, curvier girls as I think they look just as good in clothes as skinny models do, if not better! This thread rocks.

0 · February 15, 2013

Ruby Barry

Ruby B.

United States

13 posts

I love all the body positivity in this thread! I think women with curvy, soft figures look feminine and lovely... I wouldn't say I'm particularly curvy, as I'm a size 6 with small boobs and a pretty athletic build, but I appreciate my curves where I have them --- for instance, my thighs do (gasp) touch! Women come in all shapes and sizes, and I think the most important thing is to focus on your health - and how you feel. Feeling limber and energetic is great!
It's really nice to see other people on here embracing their bodies --- I just looked at the forum for the first time the other day, and some of the threads on body image, diet, and beauty standards really disgusted me. Why can't everyone just appreciate their bodies whether or not they meet a super specific standard? :(

0 · March 19, 2013

Alma M

Alma M.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

106 posts

I am petite and very curvy, especially my butt sticks out :D My measurements are 90-61-96

0 · March 20, 2013




1 posts

I am)

0 · January 14, 2016

Yasmine Gonzalez

Yasmine G.

United Kingdom

9 posts

I dont feel there is enough curvy girls fashion bloggers. The one you really hear about is the very very curvy girls or the super skinny. What about us inbetween girls?

0 · January 15, 2016


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