If you could revive one dead musician...

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Sylvia S

Sylvia S.


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Who would you choose?

Remember to think about their impact on music and society in general. Were they past their prime when they died? Or were they yet to reach their peak of influence and creativity?

Also, they would be revived at the exact moment they died. So no choosing "80s Michael Jackson"

Some suggestions!

Keith Moon
Freddie Mercury
Tupac Shakur
Layne Staley
Jim Morrison
Bob Marley
Kurt Cobain
Jimi Hendrix
John Lennon
Johnny Cash
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Joe Strummer
Michael Jackson
Ian Curtis
George Harrison
Buddy Holly
John Bonham
Janis Joplin
Jeff Buckley

It was a tough decision...first there's Freddie Mercury dying way too young of AIDS. Then John Lennon, the peace activist. And of course, Buddy Holly, one of the Beatles' main influences dying too young from a freakin' plane crash.

Nevertheless, I'm going with Tupac. He was extremely influential to the Black community, shedding light on the racism that still existed and police brutality. He rapped about growing up in the face of oppression, racism, poverty, and violence. Many would say that he glorified violence, but in his words, "you can't live in hell and try to act like an angel."

It sounds ridiculous coming from a 20 year old Canadian white girl, but the man's just so fascinating and died way too young.

So, LB, who do you choose to revive?

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@Sophie R.

He said ''Michael Jackson'' read it again.

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