Are you courageous enough to receive critiques??

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Luciili .G

Luciili ..


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Give some RESPECTFUL fashion/ photography/ post advice to the person that posted before you.

Lookbook is designed for flattering people looks and pics, that's great, but sometimes it could be good to listen to other's advice and opinions just to improve. (If you apply it is up to you)

This can be a good tool for newbies but it's necesary to be courageous enough to listen to critiques and to be sincere yet tactful.

I'm ready..

11 years ago

Zahira O

Zahira O.


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If I were you I'd avoid wearing that kind of dress because it made your boobs kind of fall, but I really like how you wear the maxi skirt and the cropped sweater in I think you do it best when you have the skirt above the waist line. And try to figure out your best angle for photographs.

0 · August 28, 2013



United Kingdom

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@Zahira O.

thanks, the angles are something i'm never sure about. i normally wear that dress with a waistcoat but maybe it was a bad idea not to that day.

while you do use natural light well, sometimes it obscures your pictures which makes it hard to see

0 · August 29, 2013

Joelle Poulain

Joelle P.


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Maybe you can try to find interesting backgrounds for your photos. Like a bricked wall, a parking lot ect. It can be a upgrade for your outfits and gives something extra to your photos. :)

0 · August 29, 2013

Clau Dia

Clau D.


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This was one of my PROs when I decided to start with the LookBook account. I aspire to become stylist so any critics from you stylish peeps would be so much appreciated! I've only just started to it is so obvious that I need someone to guide me a little. Cheers guys x

0 · August 30, 2013




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