Is your mom/dad as stylish as you are??

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Luciili .G

Luciili ..


197 posts

My mom used to wear very ugly things but now she looks very good, very classy
My grandma is very innovative and looks pretty.

but my dad, he is a disaster with no posibilities of rehab, he always wears the worst colors, the ugliest sneakers wit a tie and so on..

What about your parents or the people on your family

almost 11 years ago

Gagaa CarpeDiem

Gagaa C.


150 posts

Hahaha, nope! :D

0 · January 8, 2013

Gagaa CarpeDiem

Gagaa C.


150 posts

They are nor original and they don't care for clothes! :(

0 · January 8, 2013

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte J.

United Kingdom

177 posts

my mum is probs the most stylist person i know defiantly get lots of insperation from her!!!!

0 · January 8, 2013

Jessica Luxe

Jessica L.


1100 posts

My mom wears cute things to her job, although she has a very different style to me, she dresses well when she wants to.. otherwise it's jeans and fleece sweaters.
My dad.. lost cause. I pick his outfits out when we go to the theatre or dinner, haha.

0 · January 8, 2013

Micol Piovosi

Micol P.


113 posts

i have just my mother,but she's truly cool and we share clothes pretty often! here's a little example :D

0 · January 8, 2013

Susanna Vesna

Susanna V.

United Arab Emirates

504 posts

My mum used to be quite stylish, but now she doesn't really care about clothes and moreover, she hates my love for fashion and doesn't approve of anything I buy. Whenever I share something cool I bought she has this look on her face...Anyways, my dad is the last hope! He loves suits, and has a lot of them! Also he is a big fan of mixing and matching them with ties. (he has loads of them too!)...
Actually, I think my dad has more clothes than I! LOL

0 · January 13, 2013

Noree Anne Celine

Noree A.


130 posts

My mom was very stylish in her 20s and 30s, I look at old photos and think wow! Now she doesn't worry that much about it, she prefers natural fibers and comfortable clothes so she can focus on her job. But she still has the occasional piece that stands out!

My dad is quite stylish too! He's always been! He doesn't wear bandanas and hoodies and lots of layers, so don't think of that kind of stylish. It's more along the lines of a nice trouser with a nice shirt in the right colors. I think that's classy!

0 · January 13, 2013

Becky Bedbug

Becky B.

United Kingdom

1075 posts

My grandma is insanely stylish.

My mum is pretty stylish too. I obviously inherit it from them!

0 · January 13, 2013

Holly R

Holly R.

United Kingdom

51 posts

As I've got older, me and my mum's styles have come together in some ways, I usually borrow her cool knitted jumpers and a couple of dresses, it's really good that we're the same size and a similar build but she has much smaller feet than me which means that I can't borrow her shoes - boo!
We both love clothes and shopping, which means our wardrobes are equally bursting!

0 · January 13, 2013


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