How do you react when people laugh at your outfit? sticky

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Here's the scenario. You're walking down the street with an outfit you really like. This outfit defines you and your personality. Suddenly, people starts looking at you in a weird way then start laughing so loud after you walk pass them.
So, the main thing is how do you react when people mocks you or laugh because of your style? Well of course you must be able to be classy at the same time right?
What do you truly feel? Hurt or you just don't care.

This is different from people criticizing your look.

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Royal Bathrooms

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Never, just leave it

0 · June 4, 2021

Wing Y.

Wing Y.

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I've never been in that exact situation before, but I've had situations when my best friend would kinda of make fun of my outfits or when someone I know would say, "you don't have good fashion" when I was a teenager. Back then.. I really wanted to be a Fashion Designer, so those words really didn't make me feel good. But, I moved on from it, and I think my fashion has become so much better, so much more "me" throughout the years.
I'm sorry if that situatioin happened to you, but I'm proud that you can dress to define your personality! Fashion is a self expression, and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if other people love your outfit if you don't like it yourself. So keep doing you! :)

0 · July 9, 2021


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