How do you react when people laugh at your outfit? sticky

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Connoisseur Christian

Connoisseur C.


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Here's the scenario. You're walking down the street with an outfit you really like. This outfit defines you and your personality. Suddenly, people starts looking at you in a weird way then start laughing so loud after you walk pass them.
So, the main thing is how do you react when people mocks you or laugh because of your style? Well of course you must be able to be classy at the same time right?
What do you truly feel? Hurt or you just don't care.

This is different from people criticizing your look.

over 10 years ago

Tina Arandjelovic

Tina A.

United States

115 posts

i look at them and laugh right back. usually it's someone wearing sweatpants or ugg boots or some sort.

1 · January 27, 2012

Sophie F

Sophie F.


1 posts

I had someone call me a "hipster wannabe fag" once, I looked at them, in their lulu lemons and TNA sweaters, smiled the most brilliant smile I had, and walked on, as the "hipster wannabe fag" I am. Id rather die then wear what they wore, which was really, nothing, because they all could of switched clothes, and they would of looked exactly the same.

1 · January 27, 2012

Alice D.

Alice D.


22 posts

when I was around 12, it often happened to me. at the beginning it hurt me, but today I don't mind. my friends say me I'm lovely, and it's what is important! I just continue to walk. haters will always hate, that's life!

0 · January 27, 2012

Steve Holt

Steve H.

United States

261 posts

That photo brings back memories.

0 · January 27, 2012

B Stewart

B S.

United States

17 posts

When people lol at my outfit I just smh at them cause I find it sad that my own culture lives in a creative box when it comes to there own expression.

0 · January 27, 2012

Gian Carlo M.

Gian Carlo M.


111 posts

i shrug it off and say thanks

0 · January 29, 2012

Ervin Hall

Ervin H.

United States

33 posts

I shake my head and then laugh at their absurdness. Seriously, if I'm that important to be laughed at, then obviously their life is just that boring.

1 · January 29, 2012

Brenda Tok

Brenda T.


84 posts

Just walk away and then think to myself "Do I really look that funny?"

0 · January 29, 2012




30 posts

It depends on what they do. If they just stare and give me weird looks i'll walk on and ignore them. But if they say something hurtful i start to think nasty thoughts about them.

0 · January 29, 2012



United States

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Turn around and say thank you in the cutest way possible. Because that's how I am.

0 · January 29, 2012

Rayn Lustado

Rayn L.


39 posts

It depends.if the person who mocks at my outfit but that person has a good style, then there's something wrong with the outfit...if the person doesnt have any style, juat simply ignore them....

0 · January 29, 2012

Selle M

Selle M.


331 posts

@Andrew M.

Hahahah I suppose, coz i was a really tiny kid when i did that, hahaha.

0 · February 3, 2012

Emma Stu

Emma S.


1 posts

I'm wearing it, not they. So I just ignore them. When I was younger, I did feel uncomfortable, but not anymore.

0 · February 3, 2012

Marissa B

Marissa B.

United States

14 posts

People have laughed at me before and made remarks, but that just means they have no creative side whatsoever to appreciate what i wear. Why would someone want to be boring everyday by jeans and a Tshirt? Sorry if that offends anyone but seriously fashion is a way to express yourself, have fun with it! Some people are just too afraid of taking their chances on the creative side..

2 · February 3, 2012

Micha Threepwood

Micha T.


50 posts

usually i laugh about other people .. and to be honest they deserve it :P

0 · February 4, 2012

Sheridan ♥

Sheridan ♥.


35 posts

Usually the only people who really mock my clothes are people I know who I know do not like me, who dress really badly. So it doesn't bother me.

0 · February 4, 2012

Elise C.

Elise C.


21 posts

Smile at them, toss my hair (just kidding-I don't have enough hair to toss) and give them a look that says 'You think that I care what you think about me?'

0 · May 13, 2012

Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

that has yet to occur. and if it did, i know i look good and chances are they probably don't. i adore the way i dress, and i know loads of others that do too. hell i got voted best dressed in my high school. fuck outta here hahaha.

0 · May 14, 2012

Kweng D

Kweng D.


25 posts

Before I wear something. I consider first the place, the people and the activities I am out to do that day. Because if not, I would LOOK a bit OFF.

But on to the question, I WOULD JUST SHRUG IT OFF. if this is me and this is my style, why would i actually care about what people have to say? i mean, there are constructive criticisms right? i listen to those, of course. but if we're talking about people mocking you, that's definitely not helpful in any way.

People like them are either not appreciative of fashion OR they're just plain RUDE.

0 · May 14, 2012

John G.

John G.

United States

103 posts

In my case that usually means I nailed it.

1 · May 14, 2012

Inyeong Jeong

Inyeong J.


41 posts

ok, they and I are just have different taste. but that laughing, so loud, on the street, to other person? is very rude. I do not care about someone rude like them!
just for a change, I need a friend of mine to talk to! "hey, how do I look? not bad, right?"

1 · May 14, 2012

Sky Dawn

Sky D.


272 posts

I just give them really disappointed looks and sometimes throw in a 'look at your life, look at your choices'
It doesn't bother me none

0 · May 16, 2012

Lee.Sze ♥

Lee.Sze ♥.


96 posts

I have never been laughed at, but I have received stares and some whispers. I just walk on with confidence. Once I went to a nearby market and I met a girl from university and she said "wow you dress so over the top just to buy food!" in a really bitchy tone and I replied "yes I like to look nice all the time" with a sweet smile. :)

1 · May 16, 2012

Peter D.

Peter D.


282 posts

Nothing. I just strut my outfit and flaunt everything. and flaunt my middle finger then run off. This is a normal occurrence since in my place, the people arent educated well on the so called 'fashion' sect.

I do find some eyes fill with intrigue when I pass by them. I walk like Im in a runway and in my mind I say "Bitch, I fabulous"

0 · May 16, 2012

Elie T

Elie T.


31 posts

I agree with the post above. You should just own the look and don't give a shit. In my place, it's kinda awkward if you wear heels at the mall, let alone boots(the weather here cannot justify it). Lately, I've been wearing heels when I'm on a date and if people would look at me, I'd look back with a blank face and walk right past them. :)

0 · May 20, 2012

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte J.

United Kingdom

177 posts

just walk away and egnor them!!

0 · May 22, 2012

Heather Louise

Heather L.

United Kingdom

595 posts

Ignore them, they are doing that cos they look so boring themselves!

0 · May 22, 2012

Ellen Butter

Ellen B.


98 posts

I throw a punch to the one who laughs =D

0 · June 1, 2012

Lute Al-Raad

Lute A.


153 posts

I think I'm pretty used to people having a reaction to what I wear now - having done theatre re-enactments (which sometimes did take place in the street) and now wearing and selling vintage, AND playing music in the street wearing vintage.
It's ok if they have doubts or don't agree with what I have on my back - but, if they behave rudely I do threaten to punch them - and the wonderful thing is that I'd normally have the whole street on my side and I haven't had to do any punching myself as of yet - modern chivalry! =]

0 · July 7, 2012

Mary A

Mary A.

United States

147 posts

Something just like this has happened to me several times - fortunately, only three times. The first time, I was wearing a really cute black beret with flowers on the top, a Jean Paul Gaultier black & white striped long sleeve top, a black faux fur vest, the JPG shirt was tucked into really nice black dressy shorts and I was wearing hot pink Betsey Johnson tights (for a pop of color!) and black Italian fur boots. I was in 9th grade and two upperclassman (either Juniors, or Seniors, I think - one male, one female) loudly remarked "Oh my god! What the hell is she wearing?" As I walked by, I smirked because it was pretty funny and rude. It didn't bug me at all. The second time, (still 9th grade) I was wearing a beautiful vintage white lace top with a royal blue Betsey Johnson maxi skirt and white Coach sneakers (it worked very nicely together!) and these two girls who I didn't even notice were there said "Ew! Who does she think she is?". I really had no idea they were talking to me and only realized this afterward because my outfit was awesome, which explains their jealousy and rude remarks. And lastly, the third time might have been from the same girls as the second time (I really don't look at them) and I was wearing a white Kate Spade t-shirt, Forever 21 denim jacket and beautiful purple/green vintage paisley harem pants, with (yet again!) my white Coach tennis sneakers and I heard an "ew" from down the hall and saw two girls walking towards me who looked like they just walked out of bed, wearing an old sweatshirt and sweatpants, and said "What is she wearing?" "I don't know" and I gave them a stare down and laughed/smiled afterward. I recently found out they are two years my senior, which clearly shows their level of maturity. I kinda enjoy these things because the same day I was wearing the outfit that I was bullied for the 3rd time (harem pants), I got compliments from sooo many people, that I don't even know too! The positivity blocks out all the hate. However, next time I receive a rude remark, I'm gonna say something like "It's called being fashionable! You should try it some time!", in a sarcastic, annoying, upbeat way. I have more supporters than haters and that's what counts!

0 · July 7, 2012

Lara K

Lara K.


232 posts

I suppose it'd always make me feel a little insecure, but once I've checke out that there's nothing wrong with what I'm wearing (like a rip/stain/paint on my shirt or something) I think I'd be ok. I never actually had this happen very obviously before, but I've learnt to walk tall and proud, and not give a shit what strangers, bigots and people I don't care about think of me.

0 · July 23, 2012

MJ Milan



34 posts

@Ratna J.

definitely agree with your response!

0 · July 24, 2012

Roman Troev

Roman T.


10 posts

The country that i live in is a great fashion catastrophe so even my outfits that evidently not freaky enough to give somebody a shock as you can see on my page causes a very aggressive reaction sometimes. And you know... i even like it.

Don't worry about it. This idiots don't deserve your attention and as it usually happens, will never do.
Nobody but you can know what you should wear today.

0 · July 24, 2012

Jessica Luxe

Jessica L.


1100 posts

Usually when people are laughing it's because your outfit makes them uncomfortable because
a) they'd never wear it
b) it's different

so it you love it and makes you feel good, then that's all that matters.

2 · July 24, 2012

Alexis Barrios

Alexis B.

United States

9 posts

no attention is bad

0 · July 24, 2012

Léna R.

Léna R.


173 posts

I don't care, I like my outfit and it's the most important, people don't have their own style so I just stare at them !
Always be confident in yourself !

1 · July 24, 2012




187 posts

They have laughed and ofcourse stared, mostly because of my haircolors since I live in a really small town. When I was younger I had real trouble with it, 'cause kids in junior high can be really cruel, calling me names etc. Sometimes I even cried myself to sleep, but later I realized it was just because of their own insecurities.

Now they're all failures and I've been more successful in my life in comparison to them - mostly because I've always been myself all along!
Just keep being yourself and don't react if people are saying things to you or are laughing, just turn the other cheek. You'll win in the long run.

0 · July 25, 2012

Gemma Dawn

Gemma D.


210 posts

"thats why they call it my style and not yours"
people at school say i look weird and i just reply with "thank you"
but there are also times when my temper does raise a little bit and i will throw back a snarky comment like "good for you, i like it". I try to keep calmer though.

0 · July 27, 2012


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