How do you react when people laugh at your outfit? sticky

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Connoisseur Christian

Connoisseur C.


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Here's the scenario. You're walking down the street with an outfit you really like. This outfit defines you and your personality. Suddenly, people starts looking at you in a weird way then start laughing so loud after you walk pass them.
So, the main thing is how do you react when people mocks you or laugh because of your style? Well of course you must be able to be classy at the same time right?
What do you truly feel? Hurt or you just don't care.

This is different from people criticizing your look.

over 10 years ago

Polyhrones Tatsis

Polyhrones T.


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Welcome to my world!
You just say inside your head "At least I am not an ordinary guy who walks like a non-noticable person.

3 · February 1, 2016

Sushanna M.

Sushanna M.


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I think I might have had one person laugh. I think he was laughing at me. I can't be sure, but at times he would look at me while laughing. Oddly enough, it was when I wore the outfit that I just posted the other day, the bright colorblocked one.

It made me uncomfortable, for sure (along with all of the other people who don't laugh, but stare). It sucks when you wear something that truly represents you and that makes you happy and someone tries to make you feel bad about it. I always say that style is a very personal thing. People really need to be mindful of that. There's so much insensitivity and ugliness out there.

I think maybe it's a nervous reaction. When people are confronted with something that totally surprises them, they do weird (and insensitive) things like chuckle, stare or make passive aggressive comments that you can hear, but are not directed at you.

Also, some people are just not very nice people. At their core, they just don't appreciate being made to feel as if they're uninteresting. They take it personally and lash out.

At the end of the day, the problem lies with them and not with you. Let those people live their cookie cutter, unsatisfyingly boring lives. Keep living yours to the fullest!

- Anna

4 · February 7, 2016

Paul Conrad Schneider

Paul Conrad S.


1 posts

As hard as it can be, you really just gotta take it and leave it.
I used to be so insecure when leaving the house because of other people's reactions to clothes or my appearance that it got to the point where I felt like i was lying to myself.
Eventually I suckered up all my confidence and started just doing what I felt comfortable in, without listening to any hateful words or criticisms.
At the end of the day, as long as you know you're being true to yourself, thats all that matters.
Wear what ever you want to wear

2 · February 8, 2016

Kish Bosconvitch

Kish B.


8 posts

Keep your head high :) We had different taste when in comes to fashion. If they laugh dont mind them. They only show interest.

0 · February 8, 2016

Lara Twist

Lara T.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

13 posts

Oh God, those people are the worst, I even had some people come to me and ask me why I dress so funny or why I dress like a boy, it does make me feel uncomfortable sometimes but I always tell myself that I feel happy in those close and that they make me shine in my finest way so it doesn't matter what other people think it is better to be happy and yourself and be laughed at then to be plain and sad so that people don't notice you and make fun of you. I usually laugh it off and say stuff like thanks for the compliment that's why I'm wearing this so you could notice me :P

2 · February 9, 2016

Pierre Lindsey

Pierre L.


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From where I'm from where people are far more comfortable doing what the mainstream is, it's at times uncomfortable, especially when your normal is not their normal. Yes, the stares and the laugh can get irritating and uncomfortable, but I look at it on a brighter note that they actually take their time to stare and notice my style. At most extent, I take their insecure stares and laughs as a heartfelt compliment they're too scared to say.

1 · February 9, 2016




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This reminds me of the other night. I went to see a DJ I really like, and it felt like a SEQUINS kind of night, so I wore a gold sequinned pencil skirt with a black singlet tucked into it, and black oxford-style shoes - not even that outrageous. Went into a cafe for iced coffee before heading to the show and a thoroughly hipster couple took a look at me and laughed to each other and my response was:


And that is usually my response, and will continue to be my response in the future.

Firstly, for those of us with the confidence to actually wear something people may look twice at, we can't live our lives making sure we don't appear strangely dressed/'inappropriate'/out of context to whoever we may encounter, and force ourselves to dress only in ways that might please other people's conservative and small-minded personal tastes.

Secondly, even when I've seen a person whose outfit wasn't to my taste, I would never stare or react to it in a way that is intended to cause them embarrassment - it's just a rude, ugly, obnoxious way to behave - so I don't respect or trust the opinions of rude, obnoxious people when they direct them at me. Pshh! 100%

2 · February 9, 2016

Lily Jane

Lily J.


114 posts

I just don't pay attention of that. People are people, sometimes they are clever, sometimes they are stupid. That's life.

0 · February 10, 2016

Ilias Dahouz

Ilias D.


9 posts

Oh you should never take the bait in my opinion. It's your style and you have the right to wear whatever you want, If someone laughs at you just let them be, most of the time they are just in awe, and want to be like you, and refuse to admit it, instead they try to make you look like a freak.

2 · February 10, 2016

Ashley Ballard

Ashley B.

United States

16 posts

either smile and keep walking or give them the finger. whichever matches your outfit best LOL

2 · February 10, 2016

Sara Zn

Sara Z.


4 posts

i just don't care at all !

0 · February 11, 2016

Baks Fulo

Baks F.


11 posts

I love it when people laughed at me! Because it only shows that they can't beat my outfit!

0 · February 11, 2016




2 posts

It hasn't happened to that extent for me (mostly because I pick locations out of the way lol) but I'll admit I think I would feel hurt. Even if I know I look great and what I'm wearing is comfortable, it'll get to me for that moment but I would try to shake it off. Sometimes I remind myself in those type of situations that for them it's merely a passing moment and rarely would they think about it later or dwell on it at night and even rarer to think about it the next day. And so, I try to do the same thing.

1 · February 26, 2016

Nataša Đurović

Nataša Đ.


38 posts

I don't think anyone ever laughed at my outfit, or I just didn't notice xD But they look at me in a weird way, laugh, try to take pictures etc because of my hair. Sometimes I wouldn't even know if the person that's with me doesn't notice and tell me, but it's very irritating when it's happening in the bus or just somewhere where those people are near you and you can't escape from their shocked looks. In my country a lot of people are still not used to blue, green, But I don't really see what's there to get used to, I mean it's just a frickin' colour, why is it so strange to see a colour.
It doesn't hurt or concern me even when they make mean comments, but what drives me crazy is staring, I feel very uncomfortable when someone is staring at me. I become very upset and when someone stares I have a need to stare back xD and I guess struggling not to do that makes me upset xD

1 · February 26, 2016



United States

3 posts

Laugh now but they will copy later (:

3 · February 26, 2016

Olivia A

Olivia A.

United Kingdom

10 posts

It happens a lot and it doesn't bother me, I don't think it ever has bothered me even when people come up to me to my face to make fun of my clothes. I feel too confident in my expression of myself to care what others think, if I think that I look great then I do.

0 · February 29, 2016

Trevor W

Trevor W.


71 posts

Saying it in a way is to be confident of what you wore, but in another way, being real sass, if they're doesn't understand, is their fault, not yours

0 · March 29, 2016



United States

43 posts

"I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it."

— Alexander McQueen

0 · March 30, 2016

War Julian

War J.


37 posts

Laugh back at them!

99.9% of the time, these are the people who have the WORST sense of clothing anyway. Pick on their hideous skirt, or cliche t-shirt. Drag queens call this 'Reading'.

Or simply, hold your head up, do not give the slightest reaction, and go about your day. Nothing irritates a hater more than 'non-reaction'.

1 · April 11, 2016

ShinyBoy JM

ShinyBoy JM

United States

16 posts

Let me tell you, half a decade ago I was in that same league where I felt fear going out dressed differently, and all it did for me was make me fat! Now I developed the confidence to dress and style myself how I like, I now have the confidence and don't care what others think of my unique looks, and now I'm skinnier and healthier, too! WHo cares what these all dress the same fat slobs think of my skinny unique dressed/styles self, yo!

0 · May 3, 2016

Kim Shea

Kim S.


10 posts

i just flip them off

1 · May 29, 2016

Badia Cupcake

Badia C.

United States

131 posts

I know that I dress unique so I expect people to look at me weird, or occasionally laugh at me. It feel good, but I also don't really care. I don't want to be just like everyone else. My style defines me and I define my style. It's a core part of my personality. I've also found that while I do get weird looks a lot, most people who take the time to talk to me about my clothes compliment them. Ignore the haters and keep rocking what you love to wear.

1 · July 7, 2016

Ella Hyden

Ella H.


20 posts

I don't care. I just passed them without noticing any thing and this is the best reply for them from my side.

1 · August 19, 2016

Kevon Johnson

Kevon J.

United States

9 posts

If there not saying anything to you just ignore it. People are afraid of what they don't understand. Don't let it get to you. (and if they say something directly to you respond with a big fat fuck you :)

0 · September 24, 2016

Anna Keni

Anna K.


141 posts

Chin up love. I've had a person laugh with me and I was wearing a simple suit. It took a long time for me to be confident in my skin and I am so NOT going to let a random stranger make me feel less good about myself. HELL NO. So my advice is, chin up and walk straight. You can flip them if you want but acknowledging them won't accomplish anything for you. Don't feed the trolls! <3

1 · March 28, 2017

Sharon Boucquez

Sharon B.


3 posts

It really depends what they're saying. Mostly I got reactions like "Witch!!" "Black raven!" "Omg look a gothic!" and one time I even got called a prostitute for wearing my laque overknee boots.
When they say something like "witch" or refering to Harry Potter, I'm laughing and say they should better watch out for my magical powers. When they call me a black raven or a vampire I'm just flattered :p

But when they're just laughing or being really mean I just ignore, walk even more coinfident with chin up.

0 · August 25, 2017

Serena Toxicat

Serena T.

United States

20 posts

I say it's better to make someone laugh than cry.

1 · September 12, 2017

Peter Jones

Peter J.

United Kingdom

1 posts

First they laugh then they copy.

0 · September 12, 2017

Masha Nevalenaya

Masha N.


27 posts

Not reacting is the best way. So people just don't understand you, you're different and that's it. Many of the looks I mostly collect here or take already ready. Only positive reactions)

1 · October 20, 2017

Chico Strog

Chico S.


2 posts

If my outfit is standing out from the crowd, I think that it may force unpleasant reactions. Any kind of significant differentiation - if we want or not - is also a provocation. Indeed, bad reactions hurt, but if I really like this style, I can cope with them. Btw, in big suburbs it's easier than in small towns/villages.

1 · November 8, 2017

⋆✞ david ross lawn ✞⋆ -

⋆✞ david ross lawn ✞⋆ -.

United States

10 posts

My style mantra has always been "if you like it, wear it." With this in mind, I leave the house feeling ready to take on the world. I feel like it takes a level of confidence & personality to wear what a lot of us on here wear. We are projecting our vibe into the world & we just have to remember that it is a beautiful thing.

0 · December 7, 2017




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Every pretty lady out there is either attracted to white outfits or black outfits. While a few women love them together. Talking of how the two contrasting colors look like twins, you can relate to how stripes are the evergreen cool. ClikHere

0 · November 7, 2019

Diana P.

Diana P.

United States

11 posts

Don't like - don't look, that's what I think about others.
I just don't react usually, though it could be upsetting.

0 · November 8, 2019

Rishabh Bansal

Rishabh B.


3 posts


I just don't give a damn! I don't care what others think of me and my outfit. It is totally my choice and it will not change on anybody's else opinion!

0 · December 3, 2019

Harry J Bartlett

Harry J B.

United Kingdom

299 posts

I will genuinely get this sort of thing a lot – usually it's from people who look like their shoes wouldn't even match so I tend not to get too beat up about it. Personally I would rather dress interesting than bland – imagine if you died and the last outfit you wore was dull and that's all people would remember you for 😄

0 · May 7, 2020




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0 · September 2, 2020


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