Best/worst comment you've recieved from a stranger?

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Sylvia S

Sylvia S.


421 posts

What is the best and worst comment you've recived from a stranger on the street, in the grocery store lineup, clothing store, etc.?

Best: "You are wearing perfect makeup, like you'vebeen photoshopped."
Worst: "You look dead. Get a tan."

I was rather offended by the latter. Jerk...

over 12 years ago

Shirley Batitis

Shirley B.


1 posts

i was like using my tumbkr site and someone told me that my information on my profile was so bitchy and all and told i cant reblog..
he was a dumbass afterall

0 · June 7, 2010

Nathan Peña

Nathan P.

United States

102 posts

Best: I was at a party at some apartment building and stumbled into another party in the same building. Coined "The Jewish Party." And two women walked up to me and said, "you look like that guy from New Moon, the WOLF! You have beautiful features, your hair and your lips, beautiful facial features!" I mean there was alcohol involved but I was speechless, and I will never forget that party. =]

Worst: I was walking to Union Square with a friend and a man yells, "Gay Mohawk!" As he zooms by on his bike. I paused for a second, then looked back and realized the guy who made the comment was clearly balding. I instantly started laughing and told my friend he was balding and she said, "that's why! that's why your hair is gay." So a bad comment turned entertaining. =]

0 · June 9, 2010

Dulce A

Dulce A.

United States

371 posts

Best: " You look like you're on your doing cocaine"

worst: "you have a tootie booty" --(whatever the fuck that means)

0 · June 9, 2010

Maya Pletscher

Maya P.

United Kingdom

94 posts

Best: complete stranger on a train "you've got really amazing eyes"

Worst: complete stranger that I was walking past at a festival, looks right at me "you shouldn't wear skirts if you're fat"

0 · June 9, 2010

Diana Antonia

Diana A.


1724 posts

Today I got the comment "You look pretty worn out."
But I can kind of understand that one. I didn't look my best this morning =/.

0 · June 9, 2010

Erin Mayle

Erin M.

United Kingdom

81 posts

I get completely mixed reactions from strangers. I get a lot aswell, its as if something about my appearance just screams people I dont know heckle me. :|

Loads of skinheads have called me ugly, a nerd, asked me if I have heard of frizzease. When I was skinny they used to call me fat, I hope they were being ironic.
Recently a man shouted across the road, hello and then stopped and I shouted hello and carried on, and he said he was devastated because me and my friends were carrying on walking and we were like beautiful flowers blowing on past.
People usually comment on how long my hair is and once some woman in the disney shop said I had hair like rapunzel and I shouldnt cut it. I then cut it a week later :(

0 · September 1, 2010

Sian Shannon-Sinclair

Sian S.

United Kingdom

58 posts

BEST: awwwww, you're so pretty (and this was coming from somebody who was absolutely gorgeous, so i felt brilliant all day)
WORST: somebody rated me -1 on a scale of 1 - 10 at a party. bleahh

0 · September 1, 2010

Nelly Mckay

Nelly M.

United States

207 posts

Best: Always comments on my hair/style, it makes me feel good inside:D

Worst: A person calling me fag while driving, and threw his beer cup at me :(

0 · September 1, 2010

Kristina M.

Kristina M.

United States

90 posts

Best: I was having an awful day. I was in a crummy mood and wasn't wearing any makeup. I dressed down too. So, I went into this store to return something, not saying anything. The cashier, which was drop-dead gorgeous and around 22, just stared at me with amazement on her face. I started feeling awkward but then she just said in awe, you're so beautiful... So, yeah, that most definitely made my week. :)

Worst: I dunno. I never get bad comments, really.. But people told me that I look snobby. Which I think I don't! :(

0 · September 1, 2010

Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

"mommy she's beautiful"
a little girl on the street told me that when i was 13, haha. :]

worst? i don't know, probably something racist towards me or when i was told to go kill myself. i try not to remember those ones.

0 · September 1, 2010

Amy B-C

Amy B.

United Kingdom

13 posts

Best...I'm not sure, I haven't had many super memorable ones! I have had a few nice ones though, things like, "You look lovely! What's the special occasion?", most recent was probably a woman who told me I looked really was a bit mixed though because before I made eye-contact with her she tried to take a sneaky photo of me without my permission. >:-(

Worst: WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!? (screamed from across the street, accompanied by laughter and general scariness)

0 · September 1, 2010

Sian T

Sian T.

United Kingdom

207 posts

Best: "I love your skirt!" (I can't think of a better one right now haha)

Worst: I was buying some knickers at La Senza and it was right when I was in the worst grasps of an eating disorder (blah) and about a UK size 6 - 8, and the cashier said: "Are you sure this is the right size?"
I said, "Yeh I think so."
She said: "You know "S" means small, like (UK) size 8 - 12 don't you? Do you want me to get you a medium?"

0 · September 1, 2010

Chiara Giovanni

Chiara G.


11 posts

The worst is when there is no attention at all)

0 · July 1, 2016


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