Is your country (or city) a "fashion blog friendly place"?

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Priscila Diniz

Priscila D.


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Hi guys!

I always ask myself this, Is other places "fashion blog friendly"? I´m asking this because in my city blogging is for desocupied people, it´s not a real job... And if is recognized as a job, you need to be like everyone else (celebrities at most) and post the same boring stuff (reviews of make ups, nail stuffs, girly products... bla bla blas).
People with an authentic style and different opinion is ignored.
How is be a fashion blogger in your city? im just curious!


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United Kingdom

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london is such a great place for fashion and style because everyone walks around dressed how they want and nobody bats an eyelid

0 · February 1, 2014

Silberīn Mānelieht ☾

Silberīn .


578 posts

Hardly anyone is into fashion here! Many prefer very basic looks.

0 · February 3, 2014

Jessica Luxe

Jessica L.


1100 posts

Vancouver definitely isn't, but that just makes it easier for me to stand out! :D

0 · February 10, 2014

Liza LaBoheme

Liza L.


175 posts

People in Nuremberg don't even know what fashion is or what a fashion blog is and it is DEFINITELY not a job. It's a hobby for weird people :D
One reason why I love travelling is that in other places (e.g. London) I can wear clothes I would be stared at for back home. Try wearing platform boots in Nuremberg if you enjoy people pointing and staring at you :D

0 · February 11, 2014

Trish Caning

Trish C.


160 posts

I live in the Philippines, and I've noticed that I'm much more confident taking photos in public whenever I'm in Manila (the capital) unlike when I'm taking outfit shots in Naga City(where I live). I honestly cannot take outfit photos out in public because people would be staring and laughing at you.

0 · February 11, 2014

Nün Stannard

Nün S.


822 posts

hi priscila!

i live in Bangkok, Thailand and blogging culture is exactly like what you have stated! no one knows what a fashion blogger is, or if i say im a fashion blogger, ppl always follow with the question 'yeah, but what's your REAL job?'

and yeah, same in thailand as well, the only way to be recognized is to conform with the social expectations: i.e. wear girly clothes, have long black hair with loose curls, have a nose job, have very pale skin, be extremely ridiculously skinny, wear 'big-eye' contact lenses, etc... so yup! people with original style here is ignored too or considered weird.

my sister has a short pixie haircut and people in thailand always point and laugh at her and say 'what are you a boy? girls don't have short hair!' but little do they know that pixie cuts are extremely fashionable in the fashion world and short hair is NOT just for boys! what passes for a 'boy' or a 'girl' haircut anyway? that's just ridiculous! anyone can have any hairstyle. but like i said, people here are not very accepting of anyone who doesn't dress like everyone else. people here are afraid to be different, they strive for mediocrity, which makes me sad.

0 · February 11, 2014



United Kingdom

5720 posts

i forget that i live in the suburbs and that wearing a cape is actually stare worthy...

0 · February 13, 2014

Daphne K

Daphne K.


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I live in Argentina and I feel like it isn't a fashion blog friendly place at all. Dressing differently draws a lot of attention, and I don't feel save taking my camera to places or going outside wearing something that draws so much attention since I am scared to get robbed or I get tired to have on every corner another guy saying somethin "flirty". On the other hand people here are really creative, which is nice.

0 · March 29, 2014

Peter D.

Peter D.


282 posts

not so. by experience I remembered I wore something weird most people I pass by gave stares (I dont know if in awe or annoyance) anyway, I agree with Shiho and also with Daphne, I live in a much 'quiet' place away from the capital of Philippines and dressing differently attracts attention. I dont really care.

I havent stop by a non-celebrity fashion blog, facebook is more preferred here and tumblr

0 · April 1, 2014

Camille Sioco

Camille S.


661 posts

Sadly, although there are many fashion shows in Sydney, unless you are in a certain suburb, fashion hasn't set in quite yet. Melbourne on the other hand is amazing! Sydney is getting there, slow and steady.

0 · April 3, 2014

Oscar Léon

Oscar L.


3 posts

you should definitely come to tokyo! people have great unique styles over here and as a non-asian looking person you have good chances to work for the fashion industry bc they're often looking for european types.

0 · May 11, 2014


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