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Chris Fox

Chris F.

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It's simple! I'll answer any questions you all have about love/relationships/etc to the best of my ability.

I'm now hosting a column on Tumblr! You can find it over here.

If you simply can't speak to me through this public forum, hit me up anonymously via my Tumblr or via the Relationship Advice Column Tumblr.

over 12 years ago

Budiono Tri

Budiono T.


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@Linda C.

You deserve life. Just move on~

0 · December 25, 2012

Gagaa CarpeDiem

Gagaa C.


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@Budiono T.

Yep, for me it works, too. I'm more than a year in a relationship with the guy from another city.

0 · January 2, 2013

Gwendolyn R. Chandler

Gwendolyn R. C.

United States

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I dated a girl for 10 months before we decided it wasn't working, we both were not truly making each other happy. (Plus lack of communication and some sexual issues) So we broke up mutually. Afterwards though we were fuck buddies for a while and that got awkward because we didn’t know how to talk to each other normally so she would leave to hang with her new friend. She never had time for me any more and I wanted us to stay friends SO badly. She was drifting a part and it seems like she didn’t care about me any more, like she was keeping her distance. So we decided to give each other space... since then I've HATED it. I never wanted to lose her but I did and now we never talk and we blocked each other from all social net works... she said she doesn’t know if she loves me any more and if we will ever be friends again... That KILLED ME.

It’s been 4 months since we last talked and she seems like she is so happy and not even heart broken! Where as I am here thinking about her and missing her every single day. I talk about her all the time and she never even thinks or talks about me. (It’s hard because I see her a lot on campus and we don’t even look at each other).

I had her friend ask her if she and I could talk and she said yes. So when i get back from break we will have a talk and I am so nervous! I want to tell her all the pain she put me through, and how I still love her but I don't want to scare her away again. I been feeling okay recently, not in as much pain now than I was the first 3 months.. I might be able to let go, but i still miss her in my life so much.

SOO what I'm still deciding on (and what I need help on) is if I should ask if we can be friends again or if i should just leave it and not try to bring her back in my life because I might set myself back again and cause more pain.

What if she doesn't care about me any more or doesn't want us to be friends again? I’d rather have her not in my life again knowing she is not worth my time than be in her life and feel lied to and not cared about.... What kind of compromise should I ask of her? What should I tell her when we talk??? Or should we not have a talk?

0 · January 5, 2013

Mal S

Mal S.

United States

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i don't need advice, i just wanted to say i love chris <3333333333 :)

0 · January 8, 2013

Chris Fox

Chris F.

United States

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@Mal S.

Dawww, you.

0 · January 10, 2013

Chris Fox

Chris F.

United States

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@Gwendolyn R. C.

This whole keeping you at a distance and seeing other people thing is the way she copes with a break up. She's just trying to move on, while you're a lot more emotional about things. And of course you miss her, and cared about her deeply, regardless of how things were working out. It's just life, you know?

I would honestly advise you to not be friends with her. From an unbiased perspective, it's probably not healthy for you to be around her yet. You're still deeply attached, and you like her a lot. It's probably not going to help you cope with being apart from her, and you may try to settle into this old groove you used to have with her; if that happens, and she starts dating someone, you'll become extremely upset and the relationship could turn toxic. I've seen it happen before, and it's happened to me before... so you've been warned.

From a personal perspective, I've been there before. It's hard to pull away from someone you show passionately cared about. If you do decide to go through with things, and try to be friends with her, I would sincerely suggest that you ask her straight and upfront. Say "hey, I miss being friends, and having you around. I'd really like to hang out with you more." If she says no, just drop it, and leave it at that.

If she says yes to you two being friends and spending more time together, YOU MUST HOLD UP TO YOUR END OF THE BARGAIN. You will only be a friend, and nothing more. You have to be ready to let her have fun, live her life, and do things without you. She will not dedicate her entire life to you just because you two are communicating again.

Just be aware that this is a very fickle situation, and you will react very emotionally to whatever happens. Lots of old feelings might spring up again when interacting with her, and you might act irrationally, without you realizing what you're doing. Know this going in, and try to stay calm and emotionally grounded. Also, don't try to make any "compromises" with her. You have no right for that, at this point. Just aim for a basic friendship, and infrequent hang outs. If that works out, you can progress from there. Good luck!

0 · January 10, 2013

Val Zamero

Val Z.

United States

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Well this isn't about a romantic relationship. This is going to be about my friends and I. Or atleast they are my so called friends. Well I am in high school and a have a few close friends. For some strange reason someone is ussually left out. Let's say Nancy, Jessie, and I all go out for lunch but we didn't even bother to invite Jessica. And it's not to be mean it's just that we won't bother. It's like we forget about them. I have never been left out until recently my friends have been hanging out with me and it makes me fee realy sad. I know they are not doing this to hurt me either or on purpose. I been thinking to myself and just let this roll off my shoulders for NOW!
Please, give me your thoughts.

0 · January 10, 2013

Gwendolyn R. Chandler

Gwendolyn R. C.

United States

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@Chris F.

Thank you Chris, this was big help :) i need a strangers opinion who didn't know thee whole situation like all of my other friends, so they would be bias. I will do my best to be as emotionally grounded as I can. Once i get back to school i'll see if i am fine with out her and if i should even bother discussing a friendship if i feel it will hurt me. I will be cautious. :) Thank you!

0 · January 11, 2013

Marina G

Marina G.


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So I had a boyfriend, we were together for 4 months, we broke up on June 2011, last September we saw each other again and we kissed again, but at the time he had a girlfriend, after that we kept talking and talking, over the phone, whatsapp, fb,etc. We were always telling each other inappropiate things, he was always telling me that we should have sex (since we never did it and I'm a virgin). We said we were "best friends", because we really get along and we tell each other everything. Like I said, he had a girlfriend but was also seeing another girl, he kept cheating on his gf with me (at first) and then with the other girl, to be honest he is an ass, then on December he invited me to his family's christmas dinner, so I went and we kissed again (he was still with his gf). That time was very nice, we even talked about getting married and we named our children, all of his family really likes me, they are always saying how worthy and nice I am, but of course they didn't know he had a gf. I was always telling me his relationship was so fake, since they weren't a real couple and he was always cheating on her. Then a week later I found out, from a very reliable source, that his gf was cheating on him too and that she didn't even acknowledge him as his bf, so I told him and long story short, they broke up. Then last weekend was his b-day, so I congratulated him and he invited me to have lunch with his parents and cousin. So I went and then I went to his house, we were there acting as if we were a couple, but we are not. The problem here is that I know that he is an asshole, because if he wanted to get back with me, he would have already done that. I know I'm so stupid for wanting to get back with him, he has done many things that prove how stupid and worthless he is. He has a lot of girls chasing after him, he is a ladies man, but it's like he keeps talking to me and telling me things like "I love you, I miss you, etc. A couple of days ago I made the decision to leave him behind, I am a pretty decent person, I have very nice values and I just feel he doesn't value me, because (not to brag or anything) I know how much I'm worth. So yesterday he talked to me on whatsapp and I took a lot of time to reply, then he said "I wanna see you", but I didn't say anything, and a few hours earlier he texted me "Hey, if a don't talk to you, you won't talk to me, right?" So I didn't answer anything. It is very hard for me not to answer him, besides I just want to see if he keeps insisting on the next days. What do you think? Overall, Is just that I want to leave him, because I know that we will never get back together and I'm simply tired of playing these games. If he wants me he is going to have to have me in a serious relationship. I want to figure out how much he really cares.

0 · January 13, 2013



United Kingdom

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@Marina G.

he cares nothing for you. don't waste your time with him

0 · March 19, 2013

Ian -

Ian -.

United States

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Hello my name is Ian, and this is my story.

A year ago I met a girl in my ethics class. Beautiful, smart, close interests, same major. She has the same amount of passion if not more towards nursing. We can never shut up about nursing when we are together. Our interests generally fall in line together however she does her own stuff as well as I do my own thing which to me is okay.

My problem is, I like the girl. (That's not really a problem) I've only took her out for coffee, lunch and a drink at a bar. I had asked her to dinner before however she cancelled. I only talk to her oh so often as I'm always busy and I assume she is busy with nursing. She usually is the one to make an effort to text me hey and see how things are going, I feel bad about that.

I don't know her to an extent to be able to say I honestly like her, I guess I'm being cautious and considering it as strong attraction. But for one year?

The questionsI have are; should I tell her how I feel?

I'm just afraid she doesn't feel the same way I suppose

0 · April 1, 2013

Nicole Waters

Nicole W.


206 posts

@Ian -.

I think there is nothing wrong in telling her what you feel, that way some questions will be answered.
If the outcome is negatively bad, atleast the chances of you falling deeply to that girl will never happened.

0 · April 2, 2013

Tainá Castro

Tainá C.


481 posts

I have some thoughts about your situation and I'd like to share... Three years is a really, really, really long time! You love your boyfriend, he surely loves you as well so, if this isn't happenning in at least three years, just let it go, go with the flow and let things happen. I don't see why you should break up with him, at least not now. Have you talked to him about how you feel about it yet? Do it, don't rush anything and just see what happens when the time comes.

0 · September 23, 2013



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if the age gap is the only thing stopping you guys, pluck up the courage and move it to the next level. you are old enough, give it a try. it is a bit odd at the present stage, it looks less odd once you turn 20 and then it can look ok but i say give it a try. it seems to be mutual on both sides

0 · November 2, 2013

Nkem Murphy

Nkem M.


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Just wait,the right girl will come your way

0 · November 27, 2013



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smoking is something that is difficult to compromise on and for me, i can't do it. i hate smoking and i couldn't be with someone who does smoke because it personally affects me. i am only guessing that he told you that because he wants to make a point that he wants to stay with you regardless of your concern about his smoking

0 · February 5, 2014

Kay T.

Kay T.

United States

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if "not smoking" is something that you value in a guy then don't change your values for him especially if its a bad habit (aka smoking). good job for telling him that you cant accept him smoking! :]

Regarding the story, it sounds like he's trying to say he is serious about you or he's just trying to get some extra brownie points but if he's not willing to give up smoking don't succumb to him being nice and considerate about other things because he's still not offering to give up smoking or at least compromise.

0 · February 11, 2014

Tanya1 H

Tanya1 H.

United Kingdom

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I think I suffer from fear of commitment issues. I don't know how to overcome that

0 · May 25, 2016


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