Alissa L

Alissa L
Alissa L
very much remniscient of Kayla Hadlington, my very first lookbook idol
Alissa L
5 life altering films

1. Harry Potter
2. Spun
3. Fight Club
4. Spirited Away
5. Spiderman
Alissa L
omg i must remember to stop considering getting straight bangs but rather getting a bangs clip in lol
Alissa L
lol besides styling unique clothes and DSLR photography, i just recently discovered i love altering the way any ol knick knack can look using nail polish
oh yea
super messy
super smelly
super hassle
but haven't you guys always noticed that nail polishes get the most riveting unique shades? duh cause u couldn't paint even half the trim on the inside of a port a potty with the whole chanel denim nailpolish collection.. lol
anyway its helped me revamp a lot of my old shit :)
Alissa L
courier new idk why at all i change any phone's font to courier new (if android/rooted) whenever i can im just so drawn to its moody aura i suppose.. but does it really have one? its just a font..
Alissa L
I've had etsy, sold through tumblr, and also storenvy, however maintaining traffic to those sites then was a challenge- i love the current service i use, vinted. it's a pretty casual way to sell literally any garment you dont want.

my vinted
Alissa L
i wanna give away my starter DSLR, a canon rebel t3 since i upgraded to a nikon d60 and use my iphone anyway lol, however i'd rather trade for promos..traffic.. email me at [email protected] if you have any serious propositions :)
Alissa L
one of the lonely only reppin 412 pittsburgh :)
Alissa L
rihanna has the perfect collection
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