that jacket is perfect!
This is EPIC!!
Chris S
Missed this from years back!! Exceptionally well coordinated and utterly stunning!!
Harry Hartford
STOP!!!! Oksana really, i dont know you but THAT DRESS <3 ugh color = fabulous and the just hugs you perfectly!!! the little cuts on the stomach spice it up too!! i probably wouldve gone with beige booties for this dress mainly because of the girlyness of the whole look but you still slayyyyyyy :D
Harry Hartford
Sorry im like spamming you with comments but i cant help it!!! look at that body suit girl!!!!!!! so much deisgn and style and love the attitude you give the look with the addition of the leather jacket!! those shoes too hun <3
Harry Hartford
thank you Oksana, its dresses like this that remind me why i love crossdressing so much among many other reasons!! super sexy dress and the detail on it is also lovely! you carry it well girl and those heels are FAB! you look fierce!!!
Harry Hartford
okay well i obviously dont need to comment on the absolutely goooooorgeousness of this dress cause i mean omg its not only sexy but its so elegant at the same time cause of all the diamonds and silver. I do have to say that the unsung hero here in this is your hair and how incredibly styled it is! the fabulous bangs going down the side and tying it up behind, making it all the attention go to that dresssssss <3 love it!!!!
Luna Tiger
Love love love Roy Lichtenstein on your dress !!!!
Edyta Bujnicka
so lovely wow wow
Edyta Bujnicka
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