Lexi L

Lexi L

Nowadays there are jeans in the most varied styles and cuts. What really matters is what kind of look you want and what will suit your frame best.
The shape and cut of jeans is called a fit and there are many different fits. There are four main names to note and, luckily, the various fit names are pretty self-explanatory:
A snug fit that's snug against the leg and tapers at the ankle. A little stretch is often added to jeans for comfort. Works best with a slim frame.
Still tight but not too tight, this cut wraps around the thighs, knees and calves and is less constricting around the ankle. This is a tight cut that is great for a slender to normal figure.
Sometimes referred to as Regular, this is a traditional style of denim that is cut straight from the waist to the hem. Some variations can be narrow at the ankle. Fits normal to athletic physique.

Nothing better than good jeans for women, right? It is such a versatile fabric that it only improves with age and wear. We owe the French jeans.

Denim is a strong and durable material for all women in their old age. Denim made from 100% cotton. Traditionally, so true denim fabrics have different colors on both sides (for true fabric fanatics, if your denim is the same color on both sides , it's actually denim, not denim! )

We recently started stocking denim, you can see our collection here and we stock a wide range of weights and colors. We also have stretch jeans, which are great for clothing brands.

When I look at my jeans options in my closet, I see a lot of dark skinny jeans. While I still think this style of denim always has a place in my closet, I really enjoy seeing the more relaxed, lighter washes for spring.

I found a great pair of Target straight leg jeans that I wore a few times. You get the right amount of stress without looking overly casual. I like to wear a chic top with pointy heels to balance the casual character with jeans. But they are also a great “weekend”, a pair of blankets that match a shirt and sneakers.

Here are some of my favorite straight leg women's jeans, from chic dark ankle-length jeans to more casual washes in lighter colors with a worn look.
Mouse over the image and click on the product to buy the items.
I wore my jeans many times this spring. I love the wash and texture of the jeans, and they have good stretch too! Navy makes a really nice straight leg jeans and comes in a classic dark wash.

The jeans I'm wearing in the photos above are Universal Thread High-Rise Distressed Straight Cropped Jeans. I would never have bought these based on the image on the internet, but personally they are a great cropped option. I have curves and am wearing a size 7. cut my leg in half. These were just the right length and the skyscraper is also a nice addition. They are comfortable and casual, but I would like them to be a little tighter as they are lighter.
Sheena Son
cool sweater!
John Marine
I am liking the long blazer, the blouse, the skirt, and the booties. Hyped!
Sheena Son
Jane E.
so cool 🖤
these pants ! <3
Josh Walter
Risovic Nicolas
Superb outfit, transparence and picture.
Risovic Nicolas
Great green dress and ankle boots. Lovely colors.
Neil Watson
You look absolutely gorgeous
Manu Har
i like the concept... very nice
John Marine
Stay safe... and look chic? Interesting combination with the chic dress and the sparkling mask. VERY interesting outfit. Hyped, surely.
Camouflage Artist
great dress and... mask
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