Per Holm

Per Holm
I read your post in the form regaurding fashion "Bibles"... Interesting take...:)
Karl Philip Leuterio
hi per!thankss!
Zoe Clyde
xD makes sense. I'm bored gahhh. Just got home from a sleepover at a friend's house. What's up?
Zoe Clyde
Hahaha! Yeah, maybe you're a 65 year old man who comes on here to creep on young girls. I'm right, aren't I? xD
Zoe Clyde
No, I didn't learn German xD We don't offer that at my school. We have French, Spanish, Punjabi, and I think Japanese? Haha, oh, I see I see. You know, you don't look 14 at all. I think you may be lying to the world xD
Zoe Clyde
Hahaha, oh dear God, I hate German so much. I dislike how forced and harsh all the words sound. At my school, you can learn Spanish and Punjabi (India). We have a huge Indian population here so that's why they offer it xD. Speaking of which, does Denmark have a lot of immigrants?
Zoe Clyde
No, your commas are perfect, actually. Ah, German. As a kid, I thought that language was completely hilarious. I remember being on one of the German freeway/highways when I was 8, and their signs to every exit said 'ausfahrt'. Assfart. Ha, it's funny but not so funny at the same time.
Zoe Clyde
20 years old? Holy. Good luck with that haha. What? Your English is really good! Be proud. You use commas and proper grammar - that's something I know a lot of students here can't. I know classmates that can't even spell the words 'bored' and 'actually' correctly, nor can they correctly use commas. But you can :D. I hate learning different languages, but I love English class! I'm taking French at the moment, and even know I've been taking it for about 6 years now, I'm not very good. I'm alright at math, but I hate physics with a passion. I dislike all the sciences, actually, haha.
Zoe Clyde
All of Scandinavia looks amazing :D Don't worry, you only have a couple of years to go until you're legal and can move wherever you like. I tell myself the same thing every day haha. You're really good at English btw. Better than most people I know o.0
Zoe Clyde
Haha, I can tell you want to get the hell of Denmark then xD. Copenhagen looks fun though?
Ohh, cooking shows, I getchya :P
Zoe Clyde
Jesus Christ, Denmark sounds fascinating.
.. and I hope you're talking about your mother xD because that would be awesome.
Zoe Clyde
I'm bored.
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